Guide to Choosing a Law Firm for Consultation

Guide to Choosing a Law Firm for Consultation

As ordinary people, we are certainly confused when it comes to dealing with the law, both when there are legal issues or just anticipatory efforts. Moreover, as the statement quoted from the page, consultation for all types of legal issues is not only a matter of solving the problem, but also knowing the consequences of a decision. Under these conditions, the assistance of experts would be the most appropriate solution. Such assistance can be obtained through a legal consultant.

In Indonesia, especially big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya do have many law firms and legal consultants. This is certainly good news because as potential service users we have many choices. But on the other hand, the number of law firms and legal consultants can make us confused in choosing.

Guide to Choosing a Law Firm for Consultation

Choosing a law firm must not be arbitrary. It's a good idea to follow the following guidelines in choosing a law firm for consultation.

1. Know Who the Founders and Partners are

A law firm consists of several founders, partners, and lawyers. Information about people who take shelter in a law firm can certainly be easily known. More and more professional experts in it, can be a sign of the quality of the law firm. This also relates to the size of the law firm or legal consultant. Of course it will be different if you choose a regional-scale law firm with a national and even international scale. All choices can be adjusted to the needs of the legal issues that you want to consult.

2. Choosing a Law Firm with a Good Track Record

In looking for partners, of course we see the track record or track record. Likewise in choosing a law firm, we must find out how their track record in handling clients. Also try to find a track record of any legal consultant, advocate, or lawyer who shelter there.

Knowing the track record of a law firm is not always easy. Especially if a law firm is not yet a big name, usually the information that is spread is still limited. Do not also rely on the relevant law firm's website because it will only display strengths and successes.

So what can be done? The most appropriate thing to get accurate information is to find out their clients or former clients. Ask the client or former client directly about how the law firm provides consultancy and helps deal with problems.

3. Who are the Clients?

Also related to the track record, to choose a law firm and legal consultant is to see who are the clients who use their services. If their service users are companies or big figures, then it is also likely that the law firm can be trusted. But all will be directly proportional to the costs. This must also be considered.

4. Look for those in accordance with the Problems Faced

A law firm is indeed composed of many expert teams. However, it is also possible that there are some things that cannot be covered, especially if the legal issues are not common. It is therefore important to know every expert in the law firm so that they can track the main expertise they have.

These tips are important because often the ordinary people assume that law graduates must be experts in all legal matters. But the reality is not the case. Each field of science must have sub-fields with a focus on its own expertise, including in legal science.

These are some tips or guidelines for choosing a law firm and legal consultant. Keep in mind that investing in the legal field can be very important, especially for companies. The high cost of consulting does not mean harm. Instead these costs will be lighter than the risk of loss that can occur. (

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