BiP Application Amid Changes to Whatsapp Rules

A few days ago, the parent company of Whatsapp, Facebook, made changes to the privacy policy of one of its products, WhatsApp. This new policy from Whatsapp is controversial because it requires users to agree to share data with Facebook. There are only 2 options, agree to the policy or leave Whatsapp.

This controversy does not only occur in one country. Almost all Whatsapp users in the world have objected to this policy. This raises questions around the world about the power of technology companies in enforcing their rules on users. Proponents of privacy question the move. Many Whatsapp users have left Whatsapp in droves and then switched to other messaging applications such as Telegram, Signal and BiP.

Of the many applications that are similar to WhatsApp, according to Viral Today admin's observations, the BiP application is apparently more popular. Whether because of the guarantee of security or because this application comes from Turkey, which is actually Muslim or for other reasons, the admin doesn't know. To be sure, this application is trending.

What is the BiP application?

The BiP application is Turkey's state-owned messaging application. With the release of a new policy from Whatsapp, the Bip application suddenly raided users. The BiP application received a noticeable increase in users around the same time in 192 countries worldwide.

This Turkish-owned video calling and messaging app developed by Turkish mobile network giant Turkcell has rocked the tech world. The high number of users downloading this application indicates that BiP is on the rise. This happened without any cause. After updating the privacy policy on Facebook's WhatsApp which allowed it to share more data with its parent company, many people started to look to other apps that have similar services to Whatsapp including BiP.

Here are the features in the BiP application

Bip guarantees the highest level of user privacy security, HD voice and video calls, currently BiP has more than 53 million users worldwide, according to data shared by Turkcell. Of course this shows the user's trust in this service. Here are other features of the BiP application.

Free Video Calls and Voice Calls

His name is also a messaging application. Almost all applications have similarities, such as being able to send messages, voice calls, video calls and send pictures and videos. However, what distinguishes BiP from others is the free call feature, either by voice or video, throughout the world.


Maybe this feature is also an excellent feature. BiP embeds a translation feature that allows us to translate incoming foreign language messages. Currently only 106 languages are supported.

Group Chat

Almost all messaging applications have a group chat feature. In the BiP application, the Group Chat feature is available, so don't hesitate if you want to move from WhatsApp.

Can Mutually Change Themes

The Night Themes, Night Blue, Magenta, Orange and Dark Themes provided by the BiP Application may be deliberately reserved for users who quickly get bored of their appearance. Can change the theme as we like.

Photos and Videos

Like other messaging apps, BiP also has features for sharing photos and videos. But one thing that makes it different is that the photos and videos shared in this application are of HD quality.

Share Location

Maybe this is one of the important features and must be embedded in every messaging application. The location sharing feature is also on BiP. This certainly makes it easier for others to find us if we get lost or something else.

Supporting Features

In addition to the features mentioned above, the BiP messaging application has other features that are no less interesting. There are features that contain entertainment and even weather forecast information around our location is also available.

Download the BiP Application

After reading and understanding what the BiP application is along with the interesting features that I have discussed above, of course some readers will immediately fall in love with this application. For that there is no need to wordy, I'm talking, here is the download link for the Bip application.


Translated From Aplikasi BIP Ditengah Perubahan Aturan Whatsapp

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