Let's Be Wise in Choosing a Donation Institution

When a natural disaster occurs and causes many victims, where should we give assistance / donations? How to choose the right donation agency? First of all, we must know the profile of the donation institution. The easiest, the official social fund collection institutions have a certificate and permit number from the Ministry of Social Affairs. In addition, it also includes the name and form of the humanitarian program.

Let's Be Wise in Choosing a Donation Institution

Let's Be Wise in Choosing a Donation Institution

In addition, you can find out by accessing the institution's website, as well as assessing the profile of the donation institution from its structure, who are the people in the institution. Pay attention to the work of this institution so far. For example, the extent to which the response and reaction occurred when a disaster struck. What strategies are used in dealing with disasters. Starting from fundraising, distribution of aid, and real actions at the disaster location.

Then, the donation institution must also have a call center and an account in the name of the institution and not in its personal name. As donors, we have the right to know who the aid is being distributed to. How much is the amount, and what are the funds used for. Professional institutions always provide reports openly to the public as a form of accountability. The report contains how much it costs to manage the assistance, and how much it ends up reaching the recipients.

Choosing a Donation Institution

Meanwhile, aid distribution agencies do not only act in times of disaster. It is better to choose an institution that continues to provide long-term assistance at the disaster site. For example, in the form of providing education to children in disaster areas, there is a healing therapy program, to rebuilding the disaster site.

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