Used Cell Phones for Charity

Used Cell Phones for Charity - Used cell phones for charities are a very positive and beneficial fundraising tool for charities, for those who want to protect the environment and for people who want to help others.

With more than 150 million cordless phones out of order today, used cell phones for charity campaigns are a natural fundraiser with growth potential, as an estimated 75 million cell phones will be out of service over the next decade, just next year.

Many businesses and schools sponsor charity campaigns as well as charities that exist solely to help the needy sector of society use used cell phones for charitable purposes to raise funds and renew cellphones for those in need.

Used Cell Phones for Charity

Used cell phone for charity

Used cell phones for charity fundraisers are an effective method of raising funds for specific charities, accepting old phones for repair, and raising environmental awareness about the need to dispose of cell phones responsibly.

Most people switch to a new phone every two years or so, and many old phones end up in drawers around the house. Ultimately, used cell phones are thrown into landfills and disposed of in a way that allows toxic waste to affect the environment. This gave birth to the popular idea of raising funds from used cell phones for charities.

Used charity phones are accepted whether they work or not, including old phones. An organization that accepts used cell phones for charity pays a shipping fee for a certain minimum amount and also pays schools, businesses, or other organizations for each cell phone as part of the green goal of cell phone removal.

Any business or other organization can benefit from selling cell phones, helping charities help the needy, and helping clean up the environment. Used cell phones destined for charitable organizations will treat the phone for the specific purpose for which it is committed, either for disposal or repair.

Used cell phone for charity

Many organizations that promote the donation of used cell phones to charities recondition cellphones for reuse by adults and children who need to access 911 and only activate them later. Used cell phones for charities can also distribute used cellphones to those awaiting organ transplants so that medical teams can access them immediately if organs become available.

Another use is overseas use by those who do not have access to online telephony or have no direct contact with civilization. There are many used cell phone organizations online ready to help any group interested in this simple and effective fundraising program.

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